Food Culture

Connecting people through global food.

We believe one sure way to showcase our global connection is through food. One person’s paella is another person’s jambalaya. We take the opportunity to research recipes from across the globe and find what we call food-alikes.

Culinary history is fun to explore while we improvise on traditional menu items to create our own craveable yet accessible menu.
And yes, we are vegetarian friendly.

Take Away Menu

Take away food for your celebrations & social gatherings.

Have you decided to have your celebration at your home, the office or an outdoor gathering? Order delicious carry out food that only Carmen can create.

Here are some of our craveable menu items you can take away for your celebrations at home or office gatherings. Need boxed lunches?… Contact us for customized orders.

Carmens Tortilla Española
Take away empanadas - menu
La Flor
House Paella

House Paella

Full Pan $300 serves 20 dinner  |  30-40 appetizer

Combo of chicken, chorizo & seafood, comes with toasty bread and lemon.

How to order House Paella
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Baked Empanadas

By the dozen $49.50  2 dz. minimum | One variety per dozen

Empanadas are Spanish or Latin American turnover-like pastries filled with a variety of savory or sweet ingredients. They can be baked or fried. We choose to bake them.

*Orders required 72 hrs ahead.

How to order Empanadas
Carmens Empanadas
One White Flower

Empanada Flavors

One White Flower


  • Chipotle Chicken & Smashed Potatoes
    Roasted chicken, chipotle, potato, green onion.

  • Samurai Chicken
    Roasted chicken, green onion, nori (seaweed), rice, Japanese spice, pickled ginger.

  • Chimichurri Chicken or Pork
    roasted chicken or pork, herbs, green onion, white rice.

  • Spicy Jamaican Beef
    Simmered lean ground beef, curry spice, thyme, habanero.

  • Pork or Beef Picadillo
    Slow roasted pork shoulder or beef roast, Spanish olives, sherry soaked raisins, potato, jalapeño, red chile.


  • Happy Veggie
    Rainbow kale, sweet potato, feta, brown rice.

  • Tuscan Village
    Artichoke, sun dried tomatoes, capers, olives, parmesan, cream cheese.

  • Bombay Masala
    Zucchini, sweet potato, potato, celery, onion, curry spice.


  • Berry Delicious
    Cream cheese, fresh seasonal berries, feta, sour cherry jam.

  • Guava & Cream Cheese
    Guava, cream cheese, spices.

  • Mango Tango
    Cream cheese, fresh mango, spices, dried fruit.

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Party Platters & Sides

Refer to dishes  for prices

Delicious party platters full of original, exotic and tasty flavors. Everything made to impress your guest.

*Each platter serves 15 people unless otherwise noted

How to order Party Platters
Party Platters & Sides
One White Flower

Party Platters & Sides Menu

One White Flower
  • Chipotle Potato Salad – $40.00
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts – $50.00
  • Carmen’s matador cocktail meatballs
    in spicy red sauce
    – $60.00

  • Moroccan style sausage w/figs in tangy red sauce

  • Tortilla Española tray – $45.00
  • Sriracha ginger chicken kabobs – $60.00

  • Basil Chicken Meatballs – $55.00
  • Jasmine Rice & Veg Salad – $55.00
    (Roasted brussel, sweet peppers, kale) – $65.00


  • *Brownie truffles – $45.00
  • Extra Carmen Sauce 16oz – $5.95