Sharing the global experience
one E-Tuk at a time.

The E-Tuk is a small mobile food unit that was designed to be practical, appealing, fun, and it fits in almost any place for any occasion. You’ll find delicious empanadas, sangrias and other food surprises when you visit or rent our E-Tuk mobile unit.

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Pop-Up Or Rent

E-Tuk Pop-up

On an effort to bring a piece of Carmens De La Calle experience to every corner of downtown San Antonio, we created the E-Tuk mobile unit. The E-Tuk can randomly pop-up in a location near you.

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Renting the E-Tuk

Want to have a Carmens De La Calle experience during your event and social gatherings? You can rent out our E-Tuk mobile unit to bring a taste of our delicious empanadas and sangria while creating a fun and creative ambience for your guests.

E-Tuk Mobile Unit Truck
Empanadas at the E-Truk
La Flor
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